Nagualmetal is specialized in making various springs parts in china,including disc springs,extension springs,compression springs,snap springs,wave springs,flat spiral springs,drum springs,leaf springs,pagoda springs,spring lamination and kinds of stamping parts etc.
With powerful technology,good producing equipment and pretty quality,the factory passed ISO9000:2008 quality system and obtained good public praise in this field.
Following the concepts of development born of innovation and quality based of constant. The company is dedicating to be internationally competitive and to be the world-known spring supplier.

China spring parts Manufacturer, Supplier and Factory

China’s Leading Manufacturer of Custom Springs & Metal Forms
NagualMetal Spring offers some of the most modern and efficient custom manufacturing environments in our industry. We manufacture the highest quality custom springs, wire forms and precision stampings, and deliver orders on time, compliant to specifications and at low prices. All NPM components are custom manufactured per customer designs, and we work with you to make sure you get the part you need at a low price.
More Than A Century Of Custom Component Manufacturing
As one of the world's leading custom spring and metal form manufacturing companies, we have designed our processes to produce precision components quickly and efficiently. When NagualMetal Spring receives an order, our first step is to analyze the component's specifications to determine the very best metal forming and custom spring manufacturing methods. We have more than a century of experience in utilizing materials, machines and manpower, and we work tirelessly to provide our customers with quality parts.
The dedicated at NagualMetal ltd Spring staff can provide assistance in the design of your custom spring or metal form, offering recommendations on print tolerances, materials and secondary operations. Once a design is ready for production, we match order requirements to manufacturing equipment, so our parts are produced efficiently and our costs are low. If the right equipment does not exist for your order, we set our Research and Development team into action and we build it.
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