CNC Sheet Metal
NPM is specialist manufacturer of CNC sheet metal in China for many consumer and industrial products. We provide a complete turnkey solution for your CNC sheet metal requirements.

Some of the CNC sheet metal services we provide include:

CNC turret punching
Laser cutting
CNC Folding and Bending
Metal Rolling
Band Sawing
Tube Bending
Product Assembly

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NPM is committed to producing high quality CNC sheet metal components in china and providing excellent service and support to our customers. Our dedicated and highly experienced staff and constantly updated processes and machinery have enabled NagualMetal to grow and remain competitive in China’s CNC sheet metal industry. Each member of our company

Custom Metal Stamping & Sheet Metal Fabrication 
Start Sheet Metal offers a cost-effective solution for a wide range of industries with our custom metal stamping and custom sheet metal fabrication capabilities. Our stampnig operations include a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. Our professional, experienced and well-trained engineers can execute the complex metal stamping operations with precision and accuracy.

China Sheet Metal Fabrication and Stamping
No matter what your metal fabrication needs are, NPM can offer the right solution: from single sheet metal part or sub-assembly of stamped metal parts to turnkey solutions for mechanical and electrical assemblies. We have the technology, equipment and the experience to fabricate customised metal products from aluminium, steel, zinc plated steel, stainless steel, brass and copper. Designs that require CNC machining of surfaces or components can be accommodated. We can supply polished, galvanized, zinc coated or powder coated finishes for any sheet metal work or stamped metal components. Coupled with our accurate and reliable metal fabricating equipment, we guarantee precision and repeatability in custom sheet metal work. You’ll be taking advantage of the best metal fabrication China can produce.

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