Quality Control Systems How to achieve world class product quality

We achieve strives to achieve high product quality by having 
1) a well defined quality procedure, 
2) good staff training, 
3) well maintained inspection equipment. 

From the beginning, the project manager will try to deeply understand your quality requirements, and customize a quality control system that helps you achieve your product quality goals. 

Our application of proper quality controls ensures that products are manufactured precisely first time and everytime.


Quality Inspection Equpment

Our commitment to product quality is evident by our diverse range of well mainted and calibrated measurement devices, such as:

Digital and Vernier Calipers
Thickness Tester
Barcol Hardness Tester
Material Analyzer

Customized Test Fixtures and Go/No-Go Gauges

In special circumstances, we will build our own test fixtures and gauges to inspect the performance quality of products.  For examine, to test the strength of welding, or to test the precision of assembled components.

This is to provide extra assurance to clients to purchase our products with confidence.


Product Inspections to Ensure High Quality

From Raw Material incoming to products shipment, we manage every step of the manufacturing process to ensure products are made to the clients specifications, All products have to go through 3 checks in the whole process:

Raw Material Inspection
In Process Inspection
Final Inspection (Pre-Shipment Inspection)

You can be confident about getting the highest quality at the best market


Quality Policy
"Quality First, Customer Satisfaction"

We believe continual improvement makes perfect.

No Non-qualified Materials Accepted .
No Defective Products Manufactured.
No Defective Products Delivered.
In Nagualmetal, we have always do all we can to ensure all the parts you receive is of high quality.

Quality Goal:

Sample Approval Rate:≧99%;
Batch Qualification Rate: ≧99.5%;
On-time Delivery Rate:≧99.6%;

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FAI Report

Salt Spray Test

Rockwell Hardness Test

RoHS Compliant - SGS Report

ISO9001:2008 Certified:
Our factory management is fully ISO9001:2008 conformed. Customer satisfaction means perfect, so we run for continual improvement for our products and services. From incoming material control to production and final inspection and packing, our skilled staffs will strictly follow the internal quality control process to ensure all the parts you receive is of the highest quality.

Quality Policy Control Flow Chart Inspection Equipments 

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