The right tool and die design
      The design stage is a critical phase in the metal stamping process. The proper design ensures the right manufacturability. And planning for possible future tool modifications during the design stage can save time and money during later development.

Our innovative and experienced design team provides complete design services from concept through production. We work with you to create tool designs to help reduce manufacturing costs and assure efficiency in die maintenance to lower your overall production expenses.

Metal stamping design services at-a-glance
     Four design stations staffed with experienced engineers.
Latest Pro/E wirefire versions ensure design accuracy and optimum production efficiency and performance.
100% detailed drawings on single sheets with complete die reviews and approval.
Front load dies allow each station to be removed and worked on individually while the die remains in press.
Modular die sets available for large volume runs and other production demands.
Working with you at the design stage can help minimize development time. We also offer prototyping services to meet your development schedule.

Saving time and money through testing
       In todays competitive environment, time to market is critical to the success of your program. Prototyping a part or aspect of a part can help you test or debug your product at a cost-prohibitive, planning stage in your project. Our flexible and low volume prototyping platforms can meet your development schedule and help save money.

Prototyping services at-a-glance
      Functional parts to be evaluated and tested are formed using chem.-etching or EDM wired blanks and flexible prototype/low volume platform dies.
All equipment and capabilities are in-house to ensure fast prototype development.
Prototype/low volume platform dies ensure the best production quality parts until the design is finalized.
Leco Cross Sectioning equipment can be used to better view parts and help troubleshoot design issues.
After your designs are finalized, our state-of-the art tool room is available to build your tool.

Ready for production? With guaranteed on-time delivery and comprehensive in-house production capabilities, we offer the metal stamping services you need and the quality and commitment you expect.

Tools and dies built to last
      Created exclusively for building new dies, our state-of-the art tool room allows us to meet your requirements quickly and easily. By distinctly separating the tool build shop from the maintenance shop, we can transition smoothly from design to building and production. And because die building processes are handled in-house, we can offer shorter lead times resulting in faster time to market for our customers.

Metal stamping build services at-a-glance
     In-house die shop exclusively for building new tools and dies.
Two on-site Agie Wire Machines aid stamping die production and help hold tolerances to 50 millionths of an inch (.000050) with speed and accuracy. This results in lower costs and shorter lead times, and over the tool's lifetime increases production efficiency and reduces maintenance.
Dies built to run material thicknesses as thin as .001 under extremely tight tolerances.
Built to last, there are no additional maintenance charges or annual fees to keep your die running.
We handle the tough micro-precision stampings that other stamping companies won't pursue. Learn how our knowledge and experience can benefit you during the development phase.

Experts in precision metal stampings
     In today's competitive environment, time to market is critical to the success of your program. At Tooling Dynamics, the job is not complete until the tool is qualified.

With over 30 toolmakers on staff, we have the superior knowledge and engineering experience needed to meet your toughest requirements. We tackle the tough precision metal stamping jobs other metal stamping companies won't pursue.

Metal stamping development services at-a-glance
        In-house design team works alongside toolmakers for ease in development.
Planning at the design stage minimizes development time.
Our staff's knowledge and experience is the largest benefit we offer to our customers.
Specializing in high volume, micro-precision stampings with very thin gauge metals (as thin as .001") under extremely tight tolerances.
Working with you at the design stage can help minimize development time. We also offer prototyping services to meet your development schedule. 

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